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When a product delivery case is created, who is the default nominee?

A. Representative
B. Administrator
C. Caseworker
D. Parent
E. Primary client

Correct Answer: E


Which three of the following are types of IBM Cúram Express Rules (CER)?

A. Workflow
B. Task
C. Validation
D. Financial
E. Advisor
F. Determination

Correct Answer: CDF


Which of the following statements about IBM Cúram Evidence records is true?

A. Each evidence record is associated with an evidence relationship
B. Each evidence record is associated with a case owner
C. Each evidence record is associated with an evidence type
D. Each evidence record is associated with an evidence approval check

Correct Answer: A


Which component of the user interface appears on the screen when an action, such as New, Edit, or Delete, is initiated?

A. Pod
B. Action menu
C. Home page
D. Modal dialog

Correct Answer: D


Issue cases are created for which of the following purposes?

A. To manage recovery of overpayments
B. To issue receipts when monies are received by the financial user
C. To identify issues when workflow processing encounters an unplanned event
D. To manage and resolve discrepancies in evidence identified on cases

Correct Answer: D


Which three of the following are components of the IBM Cúram Social Program Management Platform?

A. Administration Suite
B. Evidence Management
C. Cúram Child Welfare
D. Cúram Appeals
E. Cúram Universal Access
F. Participant Management

Correct Answer: AB


Which two of the following statements regarding financial components are true?

A. They are subdivided into secondary and tertiary financial components

B. They facilitate the delivery of bills and payments to case nominees

C. They are used for schedules to pay, not for schedules to bill

D. They define the amount, delivery method, frequency, and period for which a payment or a bill is issued to a nominee

E. They are used for all case types

Correct Answer: BD


Which three of the following are the basic financial units processed by IBM Cúram?

A. Financial component
B. Liability
C. Allocation
D. Payment
E. Payslip
F. Payment received

Correct Answer: BDF


Which two of the following statements about the IBM Cúram Express Rules (CER) Editor are true?

A. Users of the CER Editor must have a basic knowledge of XML
B. To access the CER Editor, the user logs in to Cúram as a caseworker
C. The CER Editor uses various palettes to enable the user to create rules
D. The CER Editor is a separately licensed Cúram Solution
E. The CER Editor is designed for both business and technical users

Correct Answer: CE


Which two of the following statements about the screening process in IBM Cúram Universal Access are true?

A. If more than one screening type is available, the citizen must select the screening that they want to undertake

B. It is used to quickly identify a citizen\’s needs and direct them to relevant community services and government programs.

C. If the citizen previously saved a screening, the system automatically resumes the saved screening the next time the citizen logs in

D. The agency can specify whether the citizen can choose to be authenticated before screening

E. The citizen must log in or create an account before screening can begin

Correct Answer: AB


In an IBM Cúram Outcome Management assessment, “Primary Caregiver” and “Focus Child” are examples of which concept?

A. Target
B. Nominee
C. User
D. Role
E. Participant

Correct Answer: D


Which three of the following statements about outcome plan services are true?

A. Services do not have an associated financial cost
B. The agency (not the client) will pay for services that have an associated cost
C. Services can be configured to require supervisory approval
D. Services must be delivered directly by the organization
E. A provider is mandatory when creating a service

Correct Answer: BC

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