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c1000-093 dumps

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latest IBM c1000-093 exam questions and answers

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15IBM Cloud Pak for Integration v2020.1 Solution ArchitectC1000-093C1000-093 dumps
Question 1:

Which two programming languages are available for the API Developer to use in the API Assemble Panel?

A. .Net

B. Java


D. JavaScript


Correct Answer: BD

Question 2:

What is the function of Kibana in the Cloud Pak For Integration logging service?

A. Collate, correlate and interpret log data

B. Capture, collect and forward log data

C. Index, search and store log data

D. Query, discover, and visualize log data

Correct Answer: C

Question 3:

Which statement describes Tekton?

A. It is an integrated OpenStack program that aims to provision bare metal machines from the OpenShift Container platform

B. It is a Block Storage service for providing volumes to virtual machines, bare metal hosts, containers, and more

C. It is an Open Source project that allows provisioning, managing, and running virtual machines from and within Kubernetes environments like OpenShift

D. It is an open-source project that provides a framework to create cloud-native CI/CD pipelines quickly

Correct Answer: C

Question 4:

An architect needs an agnostic provider of persistent storage for their OpenShift Container Platform, which supports file, block, and object storage, either in-house or in hybrid clouds, Which provider should the architect choose?

A. HostPath Storage

B. Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage

C. FlexVolume Drives

D. OpenStack Cinder

Correct Answer: A

Question 5:

Which statement is true about the Monitoring component of Cloud Pak for Integration?

A. It is built on the ELK stack

B. Data persistence is not enabled by default

C. Only a user with the role ClusterAdministrator can perform write operations

D. It requires an additional license

Correct Answer: D

Question 6:

What is the recommended minimum number of machines required for the smallest OpenShift v4 cluster?

A. 1 temporary bootstrap machine, 3 control plane machines, and at least 2 worker/compute machines

B. 1 temporary bootstrap machine, 1 control plane machine and at least 2 worker/compute machines

C. 1 control plane machine and at least 3 worker/compute machines

D. 1 temporary bootstrap machine and 1 control plane machine

Correct Answer: B

Question 7:

What is the IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit?

A. A high availability management tool

B. A command-line interface for App Connect integration

C. A web user interface for accessing integration server resources

D. A graphical user interface for message flow development

Correct Answer: A

Question 8:

An OpenShift v4 control plane node has failed. Which is the recommended method to restore the cluster?

A. Restore all cluster master hosts from a previous backup

B. Remove the member from the etcd cluster and then add the member back to the etcd cluster

C. Remove the member from the API server cluster and then add the member back to the API server cluster

D. Run the master-restore script provided as part of OpenShift 4

Correct Answer: D

Question 9:

Which two Cloud Pak for Integration products can run in HA mode without the need for a quorum?


B. App Connect Enterprise

C. Aspera

D. Event Streams

E. API Connect

Correct Answer: AD

Question 10:

Which active-standby pair of queue managers use a shared networked file system?

A. Double resilient queue manager

B. Replicated data queue manager

C. Integrated HA queue manager

D. Multi-instance queue manager

Correct Answer: D

Question 11:

What is the minimum number of CPU cores that are required to install the Cloud Pak for Integration Common Services?

A. 16 cores

B. 2 cores

C. 4 cores

D. 8 cores

Correct Answer: C

Question 12:

What are two Aspera use cases?

A. Send and share large files and folders stored in on-premises data centers and major clouds

B. Secure and reliable transfer of sensitive data, such as payment information, between applications

C. Managed file transfer capabilities using messaging transport to move data

D. Create distributed event-streaming platform to ingest a large volume of data in real-time

E. Data migration to, from, and between on-premises data centers and any major cloud

Correct Answer: BC

Question 13:

What is CRI-O?

A. A Windows .NET compatibility library available in the OpenShift Developer Catalog

B. A Kubernetes native container runtime implementation that integrates closely with CoreOS

C. The graphical user interface for Operators to administer applications/workloads running on OpenShift D. An optional version of Docker optimized for OpenShift when running on cloud provider platforms

Correct Answer: B

Question 14:

In the image below, select the user role that can include an API endpoint to existing API products and plans, specifies access control, and publishes the API to the developer portal for external discovery.

Hot Area:

c1000-093 questions 14

Correct Answer:

c1000-093 questions 14-1


Question 15:

Which Command Line interface tool provides an analysis method which validates resource configuration and print validation messages?

A. calicoctl

B. oc

C. cloudctl

D. istioctl

Correct Answer: A

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