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C1000-091 exam questions online exam practice


Which value must be changed if several Digital Worker installations are connecting to a single User Management
Service instance?

A. adwUser
B. adwPassword
C. oidcciientld
D. adwPoute



Which reclaim policy is recommended for enabling manual recovery of data after deletion of a persistent volume claim?

A. Delete
B. Active
C. Retain
D. Recycle




An administrator must verify the configuration of IBM Business Automation Navigator and IBM Filenet Content Manager users.
Which LDAP configuration section(s) in the operator custom resource template YAML file should the Administrator use
to define LDAP parameters for these types of users?

A. Use the ecm_configuration section for all users (internal and external) of IBM Business Automation Navigator and
IBM Filenet Content Manager.

B. Use the ext_ldap_configuration section for all users (internal and external) of IBM Business Automation Navigator
and IBM Filenet Content Manager.

C. Use the ldap_configuration section for all users (internal and external) of the Cloud Pak components,

D. Use the Idap_configuration section for internal users and the ext_ldap_conf iguration section for external users.




In order to install Cloud Pak for Automation, which command is needed to add the privileged SCC to the service

A. oc adm policy privileged
B. oc new-project my-project
C. oc edit sec privileged
D. oc adm policy add-scc-to-user privileged -z default



What needs to be configured for new nodes to be automatically created to run pods that are in a waiting state?

A. VPC Autosizing
B. Pod Autodeployment
C. Node duplication
D. Cluster Autoscaling



What is the purpose of the parameter customization .baiEmittersecretRef in the odm_configuration section of the
custom resource YAML file?

A. Specify the name of the secret that contains the ODM configuration files required to use the BAI emitter.
B. Specify the name of the BAI configuration label within the custom resource YAML file where ODM will emit events.
C. Specify the name of the secure ingressTopic of BAI where ODM will emit events.
D. Specify the name of the secret with the credentials needed to emit ODM events to BAI.



Running the command oc get pods displays the following:

c1000-091 q7

Which command is used to copy a directory from the pod named “/tmp/data” to a local machine?

A. oc put test-pod:/tmp/data /tmp
B. oc cp test-pod:/tmp/data /tmp
C. oc send test-pod:/tmp/data /tmp
D. oc get test-pod:/tmp/data /tmp



What are two of the Persistent Volumes required for the Content Platform Engine?

A. Mongo and MongoAdmin
B. Content Platform Engine Liberty configuration and Content Platform Engine Liberty logs
C. Data and config
D. Logs and custom plug-ins for IBM Business Automation Navigator



What is the purpose of the following entry inside the bai configuration section in the custom resource YAML file?

c1000-091 q9

A. Setup the Kibana dashboards and visualizations pod for IBM Automation Digital Worker.
B. Setup the Flink pod for the ingestion of events from IBM Automation Digital Worker.
C. Setup the event processor pod to be able to ingest events from IBM Automation Digital Worker.
D. Setup the event emitters to ingest events from IBM Automation Digital Worker.



Which component provides single sign-on services for IBM Cloud Pak for Automation?

A. Authentication Management Service
B. User Management Service
C. Security Management Service
D. SSO Management Service



What is a prerequisite to completing the post-deployment step: Configure Content Platform Engine Content Search

A. Manually initializing and verifying the content services environment
B. Configuring the content event emitter for IBM Business Automation Insights
C. Enabling EMC Elastic Cloud Storage
D. Configuring the content management External Share



Which feature facilitates manual backups in Flink?

A. Savepoint
B. Time capsule
C. Checkpoint
D. Snapshot


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