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IBM Cloud Integration and Development updated the IBM App Connect Enterprise V11 Solution Development “C1000-056” exam in 2021. This is one of the most popular exams.
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IBM C1000-056 Exam Certified

“This intermediate-level certification is intended for solution developers who have the knowledge and experience to use IBM App Connect V11.0 to develop, deploy, tune, and support platform-independent message flow applications that use various messaging topologies to transport messages between service requesters and service providers, as well as enable the messages to be routed, transformed, validated, and enriched during processing. Solution developers are expected to have experience with cloud applications and tools to develop and deploy container-based solutions. In addition to development, the solution developers are also expected to generate IBM App Connect artifacts from patterns and use troubleshooting, tuning, and monitoring tools.”

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IBM C1000-056 free dumps

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In order to comply with port binding in 12-Factor App, how many integration servers should exist per container?

A. 3
B. 2
C. 1
D. Unlimited




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According to the API resource pictured above, there are three possible HTTP Return Codes: 400, 404, 200. What is one
way to set a HTTP Return code as 400 using ESQL?

A. SET OutputLocalEnvironment.ReplyStatusCode = 400;
B. SET OutputLocalEnvironment.Reply.Transport.HTTP = 400;
C. SET OutputLocalEnvironment.REST.Reply.Transport.HTTP = 400;
D. SET OutputLocalEnvironment.Destination.HTTP.ReplyStatusCode = 400;



Which two IBM App Connect Toolkit methods can help troubleshoot message flows?

A. User Trace
B. Flow Integration Debugger
C. Flow Debugger
D. Java Debugger
E. Flow Exerciser



When installing IBM App Connect Enterprise for a shared installation on Linux, which group do users needed to be
added to in order to gain access to the platform?

A. mqusers
B. mqnodeusers
C. mqbrkrs
D. mqsiadmin



Which section in the Cloud Integration Platform Navigator should be clicked in order to install IBM MQ?
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Correct Answer:

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Which editor are the global cache values defined and retrieved from?

A. Graphical Data Mapping
B. Message Flow Mapping
C. Integration Data Mapping
D. Message Data Mapping



The image below is an example of which IBM App Connect Toolkit editor?

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A. Graphical Data Mapping
B. Message Flow Editor
C. Policy Editor
D. Message Definition



Which role can add a binding to a policy set in IBM App Connect Enterprise?

A. Policyowner
B. Developer
C. Administrator
D. Policy Holder



Which command creates basic user credentials to allow logging into the web user interface?

A. mqsiwebaceuseradmin
B. mqsiacldwebuseradmin
C. mqsiwebuseradmin
D. mqsiuseradmin



Where are recorded messages sent by default in the flow exerciser?

A. They are sent to the Message Flow icon in the Flow Exerciser toolbar
B. They are sent to the input node where each message was saved
C. They are sent to the output node where each message was saved
D. They are sent to the Recorded Messages item located in the navigator



The message flow security manager can be invoked by configuring a security enabled input node.
The following diagram shows an example message flow and gives an overview of the sequence of events that occur
when an input message is received by a security enabled input node in the message flow. Select the number that
would interact with LDAP.
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Correct Answer:

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What is the maximum number of integration servers that can be used in a single server running IBM App Connect

A. Up to 512
B. Unlimited
C. Up to 256
D. Up to 128



How can an MQGet node be configured to read a message from a queue without deleting it?

A. Set “Copy Message” property to None
B. Check the “Read Only” property
C. Set “Generate Mode” property to None
D. Check the “Browse Only” property

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