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C1000-097 dumps 2022

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IBM Cloud Digital Business Automation C1000-097 Free Dumps Online Exam Test

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Which metric requires a custom dashboard that an out-of-the-box, predefined dashboard does not provide?

A. Content search data
B. Content document class data
C. Content creator data
D. Content number of document data



What is one of the main functions of User Management Services (UMS) in Cloud Pak for Automation?

A. Administer global teams for Cloud Pak components
B. Certificate management
C. SAML token generation
D. Provide centralized user registry (LDAP)



What Operational Decision Manager index pattern is used in Business Automation Insights out of the box?

A. Decision summaries
B. Time series
C. Flow series
D. Rule summaries



In OpenShift Container Platform, what is the smallest compute unit that can be defined, deployed, and managed?

A. Image
B. Project
C. Pod
D. ReplicaSet



Which product allows capturing data in images from email or fax with image-processing capabilities?

A. Business Automation Studio
B. Business Automation Content Analyzer
C. Business Automation Insights
D. Datacap



What is the minimum role-based access control needed to install IBM Cloud Pak for Automation?

A. Administrator
B. Operator
C. Installer
D. Cluster Administrator



Which statement is true in order to configure Operational Decision Manager (ODM) with User Management Service

A. ODM with UMS supports SAML authentication.
B. The names of the UMS groups must match the names of the ODM groups.
C. The default ODM roles must be modified to match the UMS base groups.
D. The UMS users and groups must be mapped to an ODM user or group.



A customer is upgrading their Cloud Pak for Automation environment from version 19.0.3 to version 20.0.1 and they
have Operational Decision Manager, Business Automation Insights. Business Automation Studio, and UMS installed.
What is the minimum custom resource YAML files that need to be updated to perform the upgrade?

A. 2
B. 4
C. 5
D. 1



Which service is required to receive logs from Cloud Pak for Automation containers?

A. Kafka
B. Graphite
C. ElasticSearch
D. Prometheus



Which Cloud Pak for Automation component needs to be installed to use the Business Automation Workflow
recommendation service?

A. Operational Decision Manager
B. Business Automation Application Designer
C. Automation Workstream Services
D. Business Automation Insight



Which statement describes the OpenID Connect protocol?

A. Besides offering and relying party, each Cloud Pak for Automation application needs to have its own OpenID.
B. OpenID can be configured for offering party and relying party at any time.
C. Offering party and relying party are known to each other.
D. OpenID Connect is the only valid authentication scheme for User Management Service.



What can be used to extract entities, keywords, and relations features from documents?

A. Knowledge Catalog
B. Natural Language Understanding
C. Watson Studio
D. Watson Explorer

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