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IBM Cloud Activity Tracker with LogDNA events can be used to perform which action?

A. Monitor Application logs

B. Check Pod usage

C. Check the criticality of an action

D. Monitor Network traffic



What are the core functionalities for IBM Cloud Pak for Automation?

A. API lifecycle Management. Enterprise Messaging, Digital Workers

B. Content Management. Workflow. Decisions

C. Capture. Digital Workers. Enterprise Messaging

D. Workflow. Decisions. API lifecycle Management



A Mobile application developer is using IBM Mobile Foundation for the backend services. The application end users need access to the application data even when there is no network and the application is running offline. Which of the following IBM Mobile Foundation features will help in this scenario?

A. JSONStore

B. Mobile Foundation SDK

C. AES 256 encryption and Data storage

D. Mobile Foundation Adapters



Which of the following describes a Watson Speech-to-Text custom language model?

A. Expands a base model defining a set of production rules for transcribing strings

B. Provides support for additional, custom languages with Watson Speech to Text

C. Is used to expand and tailor the vocabulary of a base model to include domain-specific terminology

D. Is used to adapt a base model to your environment and speakers



How can a container image with a known but otherwise mitigated security issue detected by the Vulnerability Advisor be provisioned onto an IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service?

A. Edit the default policies of the Container Image Security Enforcement feature to allow the image to be deployed

B. Edit the Kube-system ImagePolicy in IBM Cloud

C. Create a ClusterlmagePolicy object and apply to the cluster

D. Permit image repositories by using IBM-system policy



The application team has made extensive use of IBM Certificate Manager for their work. What additional service would provide an alert in advance that a certificate was going to expire?


B. SysDig

C. Availability Monitoring

D. Security Advisor



A DevOps team is provisioning environments in IBM Cloud during the developmentlifecycle. What can be done to optimize the environment provisioning process?

A. Use Schematics service in IBM Cloud to create infrastructure as code templates and use the on DevOps pipeline to create and configure environments

B. Use Chef scripts in the DevOps pipeline to create configuration tasks for application containers

C. Use Virtual Machine templates in IBM Cloud to define environment configuration and start/stop them as needed

D. Use Bare Metal Servers to configure the environments and have full control of them



When using the IBM Blockchain Platform, what is the \\’first block\\’ in a chain called?

A. Merkle root

B. Root node

C. Genesis block

D. Primordial block



An e-commerce mobile application needs to understand individual user\\’s interactions to define a personalized product recommendation Which of the following configuration can help the application to collect necessary data?

A. Enable the IBM Watson Analytics for MobileFirst settings to true in the application descriptor file

B. Integrate the mobile application with IBM Analytics Engine

C. Enable LogMetrics in IBM MobileFirst Platform on IBM cloud portal

D. Initialize the MobileFirst Analytics SDK and enable the capture of lifecycle and network analytic data



Many applications run for long periods of time and can eventually transition to broken states. What Kubernetes element can be used in a Pod configuration to make it possible for the cluster to identify and act on broken states?

A. Controllers

B. Replicas

C. Readiness Probe

D. Liveness Probe



What is an option for a developer tasked to create APIs for a business service using the API Gateway on IBM Cloud?

A. Submitting a WAR/JAR file to a static analysis tool to autocreate APIs based on business logic

B. Importing APIs using Swagger/OpenAPI definitions stored on .json. .yml and .yaml files

C. Creating Kubernetes services resources that will automatically create API for each Service resource on API Connect

D. Importing APIs stored in .zip files



Which two of the following are benefits of Cloud Functions?

A. Scaling up or down automatically

B. Invoke SQL queries on objects stored on Cloud Object Storage

C. Low-code/no-code graphical development environment

D. Support for C. C++ and R runtimes

E. Focus on code, not infrastructure

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