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S1000-002 exam

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What is the automated notification process that detects problem conditions and reports them to IBM Support?

A. Platform Communication
B. Call Home
C. Host Platform Interface
D. Resource Manager


While IBM does not recommend manually stopping the upgrade process, what is one way to do this safely?

A. stop the platform management software
B. exit the user terminal session
C. run systemctl stop apupgrade
D. kill -9 the apupgrade process


What is the result of running the ap sw command?

A. It displays the current issues caused by the software.
B. It displays the software inventory with status of each component.
C. It displays information about IBM Netezza Performance Server software only.
D. It displays information about malfunctioning software only.


Which two LDAP directory implementations are supported on IBM Cloud Pak for Data System? (Choose two.)

A. Windows AD
C. IBM Security Directory Server
D. ApacheDS
E. OpenDS


Which disk node protects the data when disks are accidentally or intentionally removed from the system?

A. secure erase
B. auto-lock
C. cipher-block chaining
D. disk metadata encryption


Which two symptoms are available for data collection using the apdiag command in Cloud Pak for Data System? (Choose two.)

A. docker_issue
B. hang_issue
C. platformmanager_issue
D. crash_issue
E. thinpool_issue


Which utility collects diagnostic information for all components?

A. apdiag
B. apinfo
C. apsyslog
D. aplogcollect


What is a pre-requisite before upgrading Cloud Pak for Data System if it has a custom network configuration?

A. Delete the existing System_Name.yml file.
B. Run the upgrade-network-setup option with the upgrade command.
C. Run the /opt/ibm/appliance/platform/apos-comms/customer_network_config script before upgrading.
D. Ensure there is a System_Name.yml file with the custom network configuration and perform a back-up of the file.


Which two methods can be used to obtain the software inventory and monitor software components status in Cloud Pak for Data System? (Choose two.)

A. Query the systemd journal: journalctl
B. Command line: aps w -d
C. Service manager status: systemctl status icp4d
D. Audit log: apsyslog
E. Web Console: Software overview page


Which node personality should be used before scaling up a Cloud Pak for Data System environment?

A. default
B. unset
C. undefined
D. none


Which two methods are used by IBM Cloud Pak for Data System to deliver alerts? (Choose two.)

A. Send Email
B. JSON notifications
C. SNMP traps
D. HTTPS protocol
E. push notifications


Which command is used to determine the log file associated with a particular issue in Cloud Pak for Data System?

A. Run the journalctl command.
B. Run the ap issues command.
C. Run the apdiag command.
D. Run the oc inspect command.

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