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Which IBM Db2 service provides full administrative access in IBM Cloud?

A. Db2 Managed
B. Db2 Hosted
C. Db2 Warehouse
D. Db2 Service

Correct Answer: B


How can cloud computing make a real difference to a customer\’s business?

A. Cloud delivers predictable monthly CAPEX charges which allow many businesses to more easily manage their IT budgets based on known costs and their changing compute demand

B. Cloud environments offer high availability by default meaning that migration to the cloud will immediately solve any issues the business has had with application downtime

C. Cloud makes it possible for businesses to greatly decrease the time from decision to value by enabling the ability to experiment, learn, and fail fast, without large amounts of upfront capital

D. Cloud vendors sell annual hardware hosting contracts to tens of thousands of customers and can discount heavily due to economies of scale meaning cloud is inexpensive

Correct Answer: A


Which cloud platform are IBM Cloud Paks designed to exclusively run on?

A. Docker
B. Kubernetes
C. IBM Cloud Code Engine
D. OpenShift

Correct Answer: B


What differentiates Google Cloud in the cloud industry?

A. A full-stack cloud platform that spans public, private, and hybrid environments

B. A collection of cloud software and products for communication, productivity, collaboration, and storage

C. A computing environment is primarily known for Software-as-a-Service and Database-as-a-Service

D. A flexible cloud platform for building, testing, deploying, and managing Microsoft applications

Correct Answer: A


Which kind of infrastructure is VMware Shared?

A. Dedicated infrastructure
B. On-Premises infrastructure
C. Multi-tenant Infrastructure
D. Collocation Infrastructure

Correct Answer: D


Which statement is true regarding serverless computing?

A. Users are charged a low hourly rate during the idle time for the serverless computing service

B. Implementations differ across service providers, and capabilities vary, including supported runtimes, authentication, scaling, and monitoring

C. Serverless applications are generally long-running (days or weeks) and stateful (maintain state or information across requests)

D. Serverless is not well-suited for event processing or IOT

Correct Answer: C


Which IBM Cloud service is used for an automated agent-based backup system?

A. IBM Cloud Object Storage
B. IBM Cloud Backup
C. IBM Block Storage
D. IBM File Storage

Correct Answer: B


What describes a Public Gateway?

A. It is a service that distributes connections to VPC-hosted websites evenly across zones
B. It provides an encrypted network tunnel between the VPC and on-premises networks for management
C. It enables communication to the internet for all virtual server instances on the attached subnet
D. It is configured through rules to allow traffic to reach the network interface of attached VSIs

Correct Answer: C


On which, open source project is OpenShift based?

A. Red Hat Linux
C. Kubernetes
D. Istio service mesh

Correct Answer: A


What are the key tenets of a hybrid cloud?

A. Interoperability, scalability, and portability
B. On-demand self-service, controlled zone network access, and measured service
C. Usable, collaborative, and extensible
D. Logging, auditing, and network isolation

Correct Answer: A


Which statement describes a Content Delivery Network?

A. A network of servers on the internet with websites running with high-speed connections

B. A file server that is in the user’s geographical location closest to them to speed up the transfer of data

C. A distributed server network that delivers temporarily stored or cached copies of website content to users based on the user\’s geographic location

D. A distributed server network that delivers temporarily stored or cached copies of website content to users based on the user\’s geographic location

Correct Answer: B


What is an example of a cloud-native application?

A. An application developed using an IBM Cloud-hosted integrated development environment and deployed to production on a locally hosted virtual machine

B. A software platform available exclusively on IBM Cloud

C. A containerized application that is deployed on an orchestrated platform

D. A Windows application designed to run both on IBM Cloud and on locally hosted environments

Correct Answer: A


After selecting all items to be part of the total configuration in the IBM Cloud Cost Estimator, in which two file formats can the results be downloaded? (Choose two.)


Correct Answer: AC


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