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After creating an SVM in an ONTAP cluster, you are asked to delegate administration of the newly created SVM to an SVM administrator.

In this scenario, which two tasks must you complete? (Choose two.)

A. Set a password for the vsadmin user account
B. Configure role-based access control (RBAC) for the vsadmin user account
C. Create a LIF for SVM management
D. Create the vsadmin user account in the new SVM


You want to configure Active Directory domain controller access for NetApp ONTAP cluster administration.

In this scenario, which two actions would accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A. Configure an authentication tunnel through an admin SVM

B. Use the vserver active-directory create command to create a computer account on the domain for a CIFS SVM

C. Configure an authentication tunnel through an existing CIFS SVM

D. Use the vserver active-directory create command to create a computer account on the domain for a non-CIFS SVM


Click the Exhibit button.

A Linux host with the IP address is unable to mount the VOL_A volume using NFSv3. Referring to the exhibit, what is the problem?

A. The volume is in read-only
B. The logical interface does not allow the NFSv3 protocol
C. The host IP address does not match the export policy rule
D. The volume is not mounted in the namespace


You are the administrator of an ONTAP 9.8 cluster. Your company wants to know how many files are in the NAS volumes of the cluster and how old these files are.

Which two tools fulfill this requirement? (Choose two.)

A. ONTAP System Manager
B. Active IQ Unified Manager
C. Active IQ Config Advisor


You have commissioned a new AFF A250 MetroCluster over IP configuration. Your company requires an automatic switchover to the surviving site in case of a site disaster.

What do you need to configure to fulfill this requirement?

A. ONTAP Mediator service
B. cluster failover
C. automated unplanned switchover
D. storage failover


When you set up an ONTAP cluster, which two SVM types are automatically created? (Choose two.)

A. data
B. node
C. cluster
D. admin


Which security method would be used to authenticate targets and initiators in an ISCSI environment?

D. /etc/hosts


Click the Exhibit button.

You are adding a NetApp AFF A400 system to an existing 4-node cluster and want to know which ports you would use to expand your cluster.
Referring to the exhibit, which tool would you use to accomplish this task?

A. NetApp Interoperability Matrix (IMT)
B. NetApp Hardware Universe (HWU)
C. Active IQ Unified Manager
D. Active IQ Config Advisor


You have an Internet of Things (IoT) application that will use SMB shares on a remote ONTAP Select instance. There are no name services and only a local network is available at the remote IoT site.
In this scenario, which two features are supported by ONTAP software for the IoT application? (Choose two.)

A. SMB3 Witness protocol
B. SMB Server in workgroup mode
C. Active Directory users
D. CIFS local users


Your company runs a NetApp AFF A220 cluster as a file server for NFS and SMB. You want to use one of the unused ports to connect a single Windows host directly, using FC. You have converted the UTA2 ports e0e and e0f to FC and equipped them with a 16-Gbps FC transceiver. Your Windows host fails to connect to the storage.

In this scenario, which action solves the problem?

A. Use the arbitrated loop topology on storage and host
B. Use an Ethernet switch between storage and host
C. Use the point-to-point topology on all ports
D. Use an FC switch between storage and host


A volume is set to use Adaptive QoS with the default policy.

In this scenario, which change would affect the QoS throughput ceiling?

A. The volume is resized
B. Disks are added to the volume\’s aggregate
C. Data is added to the volume
D. More clients access the volume


You want to enable the internal ONTAP engine that quickly identifies the file and directory differences between two Snapshot copies. In this scenario, which feature would accomplish this task?

A. SnapCenter
B. SnapDiff
C. SnapVault
D. SnapLock


Which configuration is supported using NetApp\’s All SAN Array (ASA)?

A. 2-node cluster
B. 12-node cluster
C. 24-node cluster
D. single-node cluster

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