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Your company runs a NetApp AFF A220 cluster as a file server for NFS and SMB. You want to use one of the unused ports to connect a single Windows host directly, using FC. You have converted the UTA2 ports e0e and e0f to FC and equipped them with a 16-Gbps FC transceiver. Your Windows host fails to connect to the storage.

In this scenario, which action solves the problem?

A. Use an FC switch between storage and host.

B. Use the arbitrated loop topology on storage and host.

C. Use the point-to-point topology on all ports.

D. Use an Ethernet switch between storage and host.

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Explanation: You can configure FC and FC-NVMe SAN hosts with single nodes through one or more fabrics. N-Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) is required and must be enabled on all FC switches in the fabric. You cannot directly attach FC or FC-NMVE SAN hosts to single nodes without using an FC switch.



latest ns0-162 dumps exam questions 2

Referring to the exhibit, what would cause a customer to have an issue with SVM eplc_fcp when mapping a namespace to a host?

A. FC has not been licensed on the cluster.

B. NVMe Is not configured for the SVM.

C. FC switch zoning has not been done correctly.

D. NVMe is not licensed on the cluster.

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Your company wants its newly Installed ONTAP system to automatically send telemetry data to NetApp to provide early notification of any security risks, bug fixes, and ONTAP updates. Furthermore, In case of hardware failures, a support case should be opened automatically at NetApp.

Which two NetApp components satisfy the requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Cloud Insights

B. Active IQ

C. ONTAP AutoSupport

D. Active IQ Unified Manager

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Explanation: Cases can be initiated automatically by our systems installed at customer sites via our
ActiveIQ/AutoSupport technology. Source:


Which two statements are true about NVMe? (Choose two.)

A. NQNs are added to namespaces.

B. LUNs are mapped to Initiator groups.

C. NQNs are added to subsystems.

D. Namespaces are mapped to subsystems.

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Add the host NQN to the subsystem: server name subsystem host add -server SVM_name -subsystem
Subsystem_name -host-nqn Host_NQN:subsystem.Subsystem_name Map the namespace to the subsystem: server name subsystem map add -server SVM_name -subsystem subsystem_name -path path


Which command parameter will result in a thin-provisioned LUN?

A. -space-allocation enabled

B. -space-reservation disabled

C. -space-guarantee none

D. -space-guarantee volume

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latest ns0-162 dumps exam questions 6

You have a 4-node cluster.

How many ISCSI LIFs will be created from the SVM setup wizard, as shown in the exhibit?

A. 8

B. 6

C. 16

D. 2

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You have a remote FlexCache storage device that is running on ONTAP Select 9.8 software. The cache origin volume Is on a FAS8700 that is running ONTAP 9.8 software. The WAN connection dropped, and the FlexCache volume is in disconnected mode.

In this scenario, which LIFs would you ping to troubleshoot the disconnect?

A. management

B. Intercluster

C. data

D. cluster

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Explanation: AE9CC59E-


You want to enable the Internal ONTAP engine that quickly Identifies the file and directory differences between two Snapshot copies. In this scenario, which feature would accomplish this task?

A. SnapVault

B. SnapCenter

C. SnapDIff

D. SnapLock

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latest ns0-162 dumps exam questions 9

You need to provision a new NFS datastore for a vSphere cluster. You configure a new SVM and a new volume on your ONTAP cluster.

You successfully mount the datastore to your vSphere cluster. You are able to upload and download a test 1 KB file to and from the data store. You can also successfully ping the NFS LIF ( from the vSphere hosts without any packet loss. However, you are unable to upload ISO Images or migrate VMs to the new datastore.

Referring to the exhibit, which action would correct the problem?

A. Enable jumbo frames on the network switches.

B. Add a default gateway to the SVM.

C. Change the MTU of the VM kernel ports on the vSphere hosts to 9,000 bytes.

D. Migrate the LIF to Its home port.

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After creating an SVM In an ONTAP cluster, you are asked to delegate the administration of the newly created SVM to an SVM administrator. In this scenario, which two tasks must you complete? (Choose two.)

A. Create the vsadmin user account in the new SVM.

B. Create a LIF for SVM management.

C. Configure role-based access control (RBAC) for the vsadmin user account.

D. Set a password for the admin user account.

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You have a 4-node cluster with a NetApp AFF A400 HA pair and a NetApp FAS8700 HA pair running NetApp ONIAP 9.8 software. You are required to set up 2-factor authentication for the ONTAP CU. Which two authentication methods are required in this scenario? (Choose two.)

A. public key

B. Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)

C. IP security (IPsec)

D. password

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A customer has a 2-node AFF A220 cluster and needs to enable the FC protocol. The onboard UTA2 ports are configured for 10Gbps Ethernet. In this scenario, what are two different methods to use FCP over the UTA2 ports? (Choose two.)

A. Swap the Ethernet transceivers in the UTA2 ports for 1Gbps transceivers, and configure the ports as target ports.

B. Connect onboard UTA2 ports to a Nexus switch and enable FCP.

C. Swap the Ethernet transceivers in the UTA2 ports for FC transceivers, and configure the ports as target ports.

D. Change the existing UTA2 ports from 10 Gbps speed to 8 Gb speed.

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Your company requests that the monthly performance data of your ONTAP 9.8 cluster be exported to a CSV file for further processing. In this scenario, which three NetApp products satisfy this requirement? (Choose three.)

A. Active IQ Unified Manager

B. Cloud Insights

C. Active IQ Config Advisor

D. ONTAP System Manager

E. Active IQ OneCollect

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