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Which of the following is a reason to use a Conditional block on a report?

A. to allow users to select values that will filter the report for certain data types
B. to allow a report to run during certain blocks of time-based on conditions set by the user
C. to show or hide report objects based on prompt selections a user made at run time
D. to block defined groups of users from accessing a folder of reports based on a condition

Correct Answer: D


Which two items can the opposite edge Crosstab in a report?

A. The value of a member
B. A selected measure
C. Member caption
D. Node member
E. Crosstab intersection

Correct Answer: CE


A. Weather data can be used from the Jupyter service to enrich information and help identify trends Example: Ice cream sales on sunny days.

B. A Developer can augment Cognos Analytics with Python and data science libraries as well as embed output in a dashboard to provide the end-user with greater insight.

C. A Developer can add notes to content to better describe to an end-user what data is available and how calculations work.

D. Cognos Analytics does not integrate with Jupyter Notebooks.

Correct Answer: D


A user complains that the table they\’re using within a data module has too much historical data in it. The user would like to keep the old data available, but when using the table for any new reports would like to see only newer entries based on an \’ Order Date\’ column.
What does the developer need to do to accomplish this?

A. Create a navigation path for the newer entries.
B. Apply a filter to the “Order Date\’ attribute.
C. Create a calculated \’ Order Date\’.
D. Create a copy of the table, and apply a filter to the \’ Order Date\’ attribute.

Correct Answer: A


What is a Compare card in a Cognos Analytics Exploration?

A. A static view/card is used to compare and view data across visualizations with different filters.
B. A view/card that uses a specialized algorithm (XGCompare) to analyze data and generate a driver
C. A view/card is used to allow the interactive comparison of data across two visualizations with different filters.
D. A view/card is used to compare data from one database with a different set of data from another database.

Correct Answer: B


What is a Jupyter Notebook?

A. An interface in Cognos Analytics that uses Cognos syntax to produce a statistical and predictive model

B. An open-source web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and narrative text

C. An area where the developer can comment on Cognos Analytics assets to help the end-user and embedded AI understand what is available

D. The core component used by Cognos Analytics for its AI in Intent-based model, Nature Language processing and Explorations

Correct Answer: B


How might a report output type of PDF be secured?

A. by setting a password in the schedule PDF options
B. by giving the PDF a name that starts with “confidential\’
C. by selecting the “Secure this Report” option in the report properties
D. by specifying a PDF encryption code in the schedule settings

Correct Answer: C


A fast and user-friendly way to create an initial dashboard is to use the text-based Assistant. When using the Assistant, which option below will develop a dashboard?

A. In the Assistant, enter \’ show data\’, select a data source from the list, and enter \’ create dashboard\’ or \’ build dashboard1.
B. In a new dashboard, select a data source, and enter \’ create visualization\’.
C. In a new dashboard, select a template and a data source.
D. In a new dashboard, search for data, select a template and enter \’ create\’.

Correct Answer: D


To change the text item in a list column title or the data in the column body of a list object in a report, what first needs to happen?

A. Select the cell and change the data format.
B. Click on the Lock Page Objects icon to unlock the report.
C. Select one of the cells and from the menu click Select Columns Style or Select Columns body style.
D. Select the cell and change the Box Type to None.

Correct Answer: C


What time-saving feature is available for a developer when developing a new data module using AI intent-based modeling?

A. Specify column dependencies
B. Add new sources

C. Add more tables.
D. Discover related tables.

Correct Answer: C


When using an OLAP data source, summaries that use \’ For\’ clauses give incorrect results. Which best describes the reason for this?

A. Time state rollups against OLAP data sources are not supported
B. OLAP data sources do not have detailed rows
C. The \’ For\’ clause does not generate incorrect summaries.
D. Incorporating context filters using MDX functions is not supported.

Correct Answer: C


Which of the following is an example of when the query cache would avoid roundtrips to the database?

A. repetitive master-detail requests
B. drill through reports
C. reports with multiple queries
D. drill-down reports

Correct Answer: A


How can a data module developer ensure that when a user drags an attribute onto a dashboard that the Map visualization is the default?

A. Change the Represents property for the attribute to Geographic location.
B. Set the visualization property to Map.
C. Use the create map wizard.
D. Select an empty Map visualization then drag this onto the data.

Correct Answer: A


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