New IBM Cloud Advocate v1 Exam C1000-124 Dumps Questions [2022]

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What is Salesforce?

A. A full-stack cloud platform that spans public, private, and hybrid environments
B. A Software-as-a-Service offering that focuses on client relationship management
C. Enterprise software and applications for ERP, CRM, HR, and Finance running in the cloud
D. A flexible cloud platform for building, testing, deploying, and managing Microsoft- and Linux-based applications

Correct Answer: B


What is the definition of a monolithic application?

A. A small single-purpose software application, commonly deployed in a container that interacts with other similar applications in order to form a system

B. A single-tiered software application in which the user interface and data access code are combined into a single program from a single platform

C. An application that deploys onto a proprietary software platform

D. A technical term for describing applications that have reached end-of-life due to software support expiring or new business requirements arising that result in an upgrade being required

Correct Answer: B


A company has decided to implement cloud computing service models (laaS, PaaS, SaaS), and is defining the right persona to use each of them.

Who will be the typical user for laaS?

A. Sales Engineer
B. Line of Business user
C. System Administrator
D. Developer

Correct Answer: C


What differentiates Google Cloud in the cloud industry?

A. A full-stack cloud platform that spans public, private, and hybrid environments

B. A collection of cloud software and products for communication, productivity, collaboration, and storage

C. A computing environment is primarily known for Software-as-a-Service and Database-as-a-Service

D. A flexible cloud platform for building, testing, deploying, and managing Microsoft applications

Correct Answer: A


Which type of storage is used in a database application that needs consistent fast access to disk?

A. Block Storage
B. Instance Storage
C. Object Storage
D. File Storage

Correct Answer: A

Which two statements describe Kubernetes? (Choose two.)
A. Orchestrates deployments only to public clouds
B. A container orchestration platform
C. Deploys and manages containers with automated rollouts and rollbacks
D. A sole project hosted by CNCF
E. An open-source container runtime that is only supported by IBM cloud
Correct Answer: BC


What is the maximum IOPS supported for file storage on IBM Cloud Virtual Servers and Bare Metal Servers?

A. 84k IOPS

B. 100k IOPS

C. 10k IOPS

D. 48k IOPS

Correct Answer: D


What is required before creating and using toolchains that contain certain tool integrations?

A. A Continuous Delivery service
B. The Creator role permissions
C. A Kubernetes cluster
D. A container repository

Correct Answer: A


Hyperledger fabric is the blockchain implementation used with which IBM Cloud service?

A. Hyperledger Platform
B. Distributed Ledger Platform
C. Blockchain Platform
D. Internet of Things Platform

Correct Answer: C


Which two public clouds provide Red Hat Managed OpenShift instances? (Choose two.)

A. Microsoft Azure
B. Corda Cloud
C. Oracle Cloud
D. Google Cloud

Correct Answer: AD


What is the challenge of Serverless Cloud Computing in low-latency financial applications?

A. Containers may need to cold start resulting in delays
B. Serverless containers cannot record the logs required for financial auditing
C. Long processing transactions can have hidden direct and indirect costs
D. Requires new security paradigms and best practices

Correct Answer: D


Which cloud platform are IBM Cloud Paks designed to exclusively run on?

A. Docker
B. Kubernetes
C. IBM Cloud Code Engine
D. OpenShift

Correct Answer: B

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