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You are configuring a FAS8300 HA pair running ONTAP 9.8 with two hosts that require SAN LUNs. The cluster is in a secure data center without switches.

In this scenario, which block protocol is supported on the hosts?


Correct Answer: C


You created a LUN in a new volume on your NetApp ONTAP cluster. You enabled the default Snapshot schedule and enabled Snapshot to autodelete on the volume.

In this scenario, in which three situations does the Snapshot autodelete feature automatically delete Snapshot copies in the volume? (Choose three.)

A. The aggregate is nearly full.
B. The Snapshot reserve space is nearly full.
C. The LUN is nearly full.
D. The volume is nearly full.
E. The overwrite reserve space is full.

Correct Answer: BCD


You have an existing 8-node NetApp cluster serving NFS data, and you want to expand your cluster by an additional four nodes to serve iSCSI.

In this scenario, where would you validate this configuration?

A. SAN Administration Guide
B. Interoperability Matrix Tool
C. Active IQ Upgrade Advisor
D. Hardware Universe

Correct Answer: D


You are installing an AFF A250 system with ONTAP 9.8 software. Your customer asks you about the recommended LIF configuration for the iSCSI protocol.

In this scenario, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

A. Each node in an iSCSI configuration must be connected to a minimum of two Ethernet switches.
B. Each SVM in an iSCSI configuration must have a minimum of two LIFs per node.
C. All LIFs from the SVM are connected to a single Ethernet switch.
D. Each SVM in an iSCSI configuration must have a minimum of one LIF per node.

Correct Answer: AC


You are configuring FC ports on front-end SAN switches for a 4-node MetroCluster configuration across two data centers. You need to ensure that each data center serves FC LUNs when an FC port goes offline in one data center.

In this scenario, which front-end switch setting must be modified to avoid overlap when a new port comes online?

A. NPIV enabled
B. ANA mapped
C. WWPN reject
D. WWNN reject

Correct Answer: C


A customer wants to deploy NVMe/FC along with an existing FC SAN fabric using ONTAP 9.8. In this scenario, which two actions are correct? (Choose two.)

A. Enable NVMe/FC on the existing FC SVM.
B. Create new zoning on fabric switches.
C. Upgrade your FC switches from 16 GB to 32 GB.
D. Use existing zoning on fabric switches.

Correct Answer: CD


You are asked to separate production FC traffic from test development FC traffic.
In this scenario, at a minimum, which two configurations would accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco VSANs
B. shared group

Correct Answer: AC


Click the Exhibit button.

ns0-520 exam questions 8

Referring to the exhibit, which security feature would guarantee that the Host A system that is mapped to LUN XYZ on the NetApp storage system is the only host that accesses the LUN?

A. igroup setup with the IQN of the iSCSI software initiator on Host A
B. CHAP configured on Host A and the NetApp Storage System
C. IPsec configured on both Host A and the NetApp storage system
D. igroup setup with no IQNs

Correct Answer: A


A customer is deploying a SAN cluster of A700 nodes and wants to ensure that the SAN cluster will maintain a quorum in the event of a rack-level power failure.

Which two statements are true in this scenario? (Choose two.)

A. Three racks are required.
B. Two racks are required.
C. Six nodes are required.
D. Four nodes are required.

Correct Answer: BD


You are asked to configure a small environment for a branch office. The customer has two new VMware ESXi hosts and a NetApp FAS2750 for the site. They want to allocate 10 GB for their iSCSI network to be used for datastores. However, they do not want to purchase any new switches for the environment.

In this scenario, which statement is correct?

A. The SMB protocol will need to be used.
B. Configure direct-attached connections between the two hosts and storage.
C. The environment will have to be configured with 1 Gb networking.
D. 10 Gb switches are required for this configuration.

Correct Answer: B


You are designing a new 4-node AFF A400 SAN cluster with 20 iSCSI hosts. Each AFF A400 node will have four data LIFs. Each iSCSI host needs to access every LUN over two LIFs per node on every SAN node.
In this scenario, which NetApp SAN feature enables this connectivity?

A. selective LUN mapping
B. port sets
C. HBA queue depth
D. asymmetric namespace

Correct Answer: A


Which two requirements must be satisfied to run an Upgrade Advisor report on a NetApp All SAN Array? (Choose two.)

A. The vsadmin account must be enabled.
B. The cluster nodes must have a valid support contract.
C. The Connectivity, Liveness, Availability Monitor (CLAM) must be enabled.
D. AutoSupport must be enabled.

Correct Answer: BD

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