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Vendor: Cisco
Certifications: CCNP Collaboration
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco IP Telephony & Video, Part 2 v1.0
Exam Code: 300-075
Total Questions: 377 Q&As
300-075 dumps
You have deployed a Cisco 2821 ISR to perform as an SRST voice gateway at a remote site. During a network failure between the remote site and the central office, some of the phones located at the remote site are unable to make phone calls.
Which two options are potential causes of the problem? (Choose two.)
A. The site has exceeded the number of SRST endpoints supported by the voice gateway.
B. The ccm-manager fallback command is configured incorrectly on the voice gateway.
C. Phones at the remote site are assigned to the incorrect device pool.
D. The ccm-manager fallback-mgcp command is configured incorrectly on the voice gateway.
E. The site has exceeded the number of simultaneous calls allowed in SRST mode.
Correct Answer: AC

Which two options are configuration steps on Cisco Unified Communications Manager that are used when integrating with VCS Expressway servers? (Choose two.)
A. allowing numeric dialing from Cisco phones to Expressway
B. configuring a device pool with video feature enabled
C. allowing dialing to Expressway domain from Cisco phones
D. creating an application user on Cisco Unified Communications Manager with assigned privileges
E. adding the Expressway servers to the Application Servers list
Correct Answer: AC

Which two options are functionalities of subzones in a Cisco VCS deployment? 300-075 dumps (Choose two.)
A. Resolve names outside of the direct control of the Cisco VCS that exist on the public Internet.
B. Connect to another Cisco VCS on the same side of the firewall to extend dialing capabilities.
C. Traverse a firewall from a protected network to a public or DMZ network.
D. Apply registration, authentication, and media encryption policies.
E. Manage bandwidth to restrict standard definition endpoints from using more than 2 Mb of bandwidth.
Correct Answer: BD

In Cisco Unified Communications Manager, where do you configure the default bit rate for audio and video devices?
A. Enterprise Parameters
B. Region under Region Information
C. Cisco CallManager service under Service Parameter Configuration
D. Enterprise Phone Configuration
Correct Answer: C

Which functionality does ILS use to link all hub clusters in an ILS network?
A. Fullmesh
B. Automesh
C. ILS updates
D. multicast
Correct Answer: B

An engineer is performing an international multisite deployment and wants to create an effective backup method to access TEHO destinations in case the call limit triggers. Which technology provides this ability?
Correct Answer: A

A presales engineer is working on a quote for a major customer and must evaluate how many Cisco VCS Expressway traversal call licenses for which to plan. Calls to and from which three routes must the engineer include in the tally? (Choose three.)
A. gateway
B. Cisco 9971 Endpoint
C. border controllers
D. gatekeeper
E. SIP trunk
Correct Answer: DEF

Which statement about setting up FindMe in Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server is true? 300-075 dumps
A. Users are allowed to delete or change the address of their principal devices.
B. Endpoints should register with an alias that is the same as an existing FindMe ID.
C. If VCS is using Cisco TMS provisioning, users manage their FindMe accounts via VCS.
D. A VCS cluster name must be configured.
Correct Answer: D

Which three messages does a Cisco VCS use to monitor the Presence status of endpoints? (Choose three.)
A. start-call
B. in-all
C. end-call
D. call-ended
E. call-started
F. registration
Correct Answer: BDF

Which option indicates the best QoS parameters for interactive video?
A. 0% Max Loss, 100 ms One-way Latency, 30 ms Jitter, 20% Overprovisioning
B. 1% Max Loss, 160 ms One-way Latency, 60 ms Jitter, 10% Overprovisioning
C. 1% Max Loss, 150 ms One-way Latency, 30 ms Jitter, 20% Overprovisioning
D. 5% Max Loss, 5 s One-way Latency, 30 ms Jitter, 20% Overprovisioning
Correct Answer: C

Which statement about the host portion format in Cisco Unified Communications Manager URI dialing is false?
A. The host portion cannot start or end with a hyphen.
B. The host portion is not case sensitive.
C. The host portion accepts characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9, hyphens, and periods.
D. The host portion can have two periods in a row.
Correct Answer: D

If delegated credentials checking has been enabled and remote workers can register to the VCS Expressway, which statement is true? 300-075 dumps
A. H.323 message credential checks are delegated.
B. SIP registration proxy mode is set to On in the VCS Expressway.
C. A secure neighbor zone has been configured between the VCS Expressway and the VCS Control.
D. SIP registration proxy mode is set to Off in the VCS Expressway.
Correct Answer: D

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