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Latest Update Scrum PSM-I Exam Questions and Answers Online Test

At the end of a Sprint Product Backlog item worked on during the Sprint does not meet the definition of “Done”. What
two things should happen with the undone Product Backlog item? (Choose two.)
A. If the stakeholders agree, the Product Owner can accept it and release it to the users.
B. Put it on the Product Backlog for the Product Owner to decide what to do with it.
C. Review the item, add the “Done” part of the estimate to the velocity and create a Story for the remaining work.
D. Do not include the item in the Increment this Sprint.
Correct Answer: BD


Which statement best describes a Product Owner\\’s responsibility? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Optimizing the value of the work the Scrum Team does.
B. Ensuring that the work meets the commitments to the stakeholders.
C. Directing the Development Team.
D. Keep stakeholders from distracting the Development Team.
Correct Answer: A


A Sprint Retrospective should be held:
A. At the end of each Sprint.
B. At the beginning of each Sprint.
C. Only when the Scrum Team determines it needs one.
D. At the end of the last Sprint in a project or a release.
Correct Answer: A


How do you know that a Development Team is cross-functional?
A. Development Team has all the skills to create a potentially releasable increment by the end of every Sprint.
B. A few of the Development Team members pair program and do Test Driven Development.
C. There are no conflicts within the Development Team.
D. Every member of the Development Team is able to perform every task.
Correct Answer: A


During a Sprint Retrospective, for what is the Scrum Master responsible?
A. Prioritizing the resulting action items.
B. Participating as a Scrum team member and facilitating as requested or needed.
C. Acting as a scribe to capture the Development Team\\’s answers.
D. Summarizing and reporting the discussions to management.
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following services are appropriate for a Scrum Master in regard to the Daily Scrum?
A. Lead the discussions of the Development Team.
B. Make sure that all 3 questions have been answered by each member of the team.
C. Keep track of whether each team member has a chance to speak.
D. Teach the Development Team to keep the Daily Scrum within the 15-minute time-box.
E. All of the above.
Correct Answer: D


Which three of the following are time-boxed events in Scrum? (Choose the best three answers.)
A. Release Planning.
B. Release Retrospective.
C. Sprint Retrospective.
D. Sprint Planning.
E. Sprint Testing.
F. Sprint 0.
G. Daily Scrum.
Correct Answer: CDG


When should a Sprint Goal be created?
A. It should have been created in the previous Sprint during Product Backlog refinement.
B. It must be established before Sprint Planning in order to begin planning.
C. A Sprint Goal is not mandatory in Scrum.
D. At any time during the Sprint.
E. During Sprint Planning.
Correct Answer: E


Why are the Daily Scrum held at the same time and same place?
A. The consistency reduces complexity.
B. The place can be named.
C. The Product Owner demands it.
D. Rooms are hard to book and this lets it be booked in advance.
Correct Answer: A


Who is responsible for tracking the remaining work of the Sprint?
A. The Development Team.
B. The Scrum Master.
C. The Project Manager.
D. The Development Team in consultation with the Product Owner.
E. The Product Owner.
Correct Answer: A

Which of these may a Development Team deliver at the end of a Sprint?
A. Failing unit tests, to identify acceptance tests for the next Sprint.
B. An increment of software with minor known bugs in it.
C. An increment of working software that is “done”.
D. A single document, if that is what the Scrum Master asked for.
Correct Answer: C


Every Scrum Team must have a Product Owner and Scrum Master.
A. True. Outcomes affected by their participation and availability.
B. False. A Product Owner can be replaced by a business analyst in the Development Team.
C. False. A Scrum Master is only required when asked for by the Development Team.
D. True. Each must be 100% dedicated to the Scrum Team.
Correct Answer: A


What activities would a Product Owner typically undertake in the phase between the end of the current Sprint and the
start of the next Sprint?
A. There are no such activities. The next Sprint starts immediately after the current Sprint.
B. Refine the Product Backlog.
C. Work with the Quality Assurance departments on the Increment of the current Sprint.
D. Update the project plan with stakeholders.
Correct Answer: A

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