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In an NSX-T Data Center environment, an administrator is observing low throughput and congestion between the Tier-0
Gateway and the upstream physical routers.
Which two actions could address low throughput and congestion? (Choose two.)
A. Configure a Tier-1 gateway and connect it directly to the physical routers.
B. Configure ECMP on the Tier-0 gateway.
C. Configure NAT on the Tier-0 gateway.
D. Deploy Large size Edge node/s.
E. Add an additional vNIC to the NSX Edge node.
Correct Answer: BD


An NSX administrator is migrating vSphere port groups configured in vSphere to N-VDS.
What are the two migration options? (Choose two.)
A. Migrate vSphere port groups using the esxcli command line.
B. Migrate vSphere port group through the NSX Manager API Calls.
C. Migrate Networking from the vCenter Server.
D. Migrate from the NSX Manager UI, go to Fabric -> Profile -> Uplink Profiles path.
E. Migrate from the NSX Simplified UI> Click Transport Node > Configure NSX > PNIC Only Migration path.
Correct Answer: AD


Which protocol uses the 6081 UDP port?
A. Network Virtualization using Generic Routing Encapsulation (NVGRE)
B. Generic Network Virtualization Encapsulation (GENEVE)
C. Stateless Transport Tunneling (STT)
D. Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN)
Correct Answer: B
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Which CLI command should be executed on a KVM hypervisor to retrieve the VM interface UUID?
A. virsh list-interface
B. virsh get-interface
C. virsh dump XML | grep interface
D. virsh show | grep interface
Correct Answer: A


An NSX administrator is reviewing Syslog and notices that Distributed Firewall Rules hit counts are not being logged.
What could cause this issue?
A. Syslog Is not configured on the NSX Manager
B. Distributed Firewall Rule Logging is not enabled
C. Zero Trust Security Is not enabled
D. Syslog is not configured on the ESXI transport node
Correct Answer: D


Which denies all network traffic unless exclusively specified?
A. Blacklist
B. Whitelist
C. Default List
D. Trusted List
Correct Answer: B


An NSX administrator is applying QoS to guarantee bandwidth for critical production workloads.
Which three actions must be taken? (Choose three.)
A. Edit the exported JSON file.
B. Export transport node NIOC profile.
C. Create a QoS segment profile.
D. Specify QoS parameters.
E. Change Segment QoS profile.
F. Upload the JSON file and apply the configuration.
Correct Answer: BCD


What is the correct prioritization for gateway policy categories?
A. Shared Pre-rules > Emergency > System > Local Gateway > Auto Service > Default
B. Shared Pre-rules > Emergency > Local Gateway > System > Auto Service > Default
C. Emergency > System > Shared Pre-rules > Auto Service > Local Gateway > Default
D. Emergency > System > Shared Pre-rules > Local Gateway > Auto Service > Default
Correct Answer: D


Which three steps are required to create an IPsec VPN tunnel? (Choose three.)
A. Create an IPSec service.
B. Configure a distributed firewall policy.
C. Configure a Tier-1 Gateway.
D. Add a local endpoint.
E. Configure an IPSec session.
F. Add a logical switch.
Correct Answer: ADE


Refer to the exhibit.

lead4pass 2v0-41.19 exam questions q10

An administrator Is trying to configure a medium load balancer in a production environment but is getting the error
message shown in the exhibit. Which step must the administrator perform to remediate the problem?
A. Reduce the size of the virtual pool.
B. Restart the NSX Manager.
C. Power-off the existing load balancer and change its size.
D. Place the Tier-1 Gateway in a large edge cluster and redeploy the load balancer.
Correct Answer: D


What are the three functions of a Tier-0 Gateway in a multi-tenant service provider environment? (Choose three.)
A. acts as a default gateway for the tenant workloads
B. enables east-west connectivity to the tenant workloads
C. interconnects the Tier-1 gateways of multiple tenants
D. provides isolation between the tenants
E. provides first-hop routing for the tenant workloads
F. enables north-south connectivity to the tenant workloads
Correct Answer: CDF


Which NSX CLI command is used to check the GENEVE tunnel status on ESXi transport node?
A. get host-switch tunnels
B. get host-switch tunnel status
C. get transport-node tunnel state
D. get transport-node tunnel status
Correct Answer: A


An NSX administrator is troubleshooting a connectivity issue with virtual machines running on an ESXi transport node.
Which feature in the NSX Manager Simplified UI shows the mapping between the virtual NIC and the host\\’s physical
A. N-VDS Visualization
B. Activity Monitoring
D. Port Mirroring
Correct Answer: A

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