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Latest Update IBM C2150-612 Exam Practice Questions and Answers Online Test

What is the key difference between Rules and Building Blocks in QRadar?
A. Rules have Actions and Responses; Building Blocks do not.
B. The Response Limiter is available on Building Blocks but not on Rules.
C. Building Blocks are built-in to the product; Rules are customized for each deployment.
D. Building Blocks are Rules which are evaluated on both Flows and Events; Rules are evaluated on Offenses of Flows
or Events.
Correct Answer: A


Which port does HTTP traffic commonly use?
A. Port 22
B. Port 53
C. Port 80
D. Port 443
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SS42VS_7.2.6/com.ibm.qradar.doc/c_qradar_adm_common_ports.html


What is the difference between Rule Actions and Rule Responses?
A. Rule Actions are executed when the Rule is Disabled; Rule Responses require the Rule to be Enabled.
B. Rule Actions are only available for Event and Flow Rules; Rule Responses are available for all Rules.
C. Rule Actions only directly affect the SIEM internals; Rule Responses may send information to external systems.
D. Rule Responses are always processed; Rule Actions may be throttled to ensure they are not executed too
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/forums/html/topic?id=bf259e09-ef91-46b8-9c1a08ea47f11a16andps=100

What are two default Report Groups? (Choose two.)
A. Analyst
B. Executive
C. Administration
D. Log Management
E. Network Management
Correct Answer: BE


What is a common purpose for looking at flow data?
A. To see which users logged into a remote system
B. To see which users were accessing report data in QRadar
C. To see application versions installed on a network endpoint
D. To see how much information was sent from a desktop to a remote website
Correct Answer: D


What is the primary goal of data categorization and normalization in QRadar?
A. It allows data from different kinds of devices to be compared.
B. It preserves original data allowing for forensic investigations.
C. It allows users to export data and import it into other systems.
D. It allows for full-text indexing of data to improve search performance.
Correct Answer: A


Which three things can be found under the Information menu when right-clicking an IP address? (Choose three.)
A. Asset Profile
B. DNS Lookup
C. Hide Offense
D. WHOIS Lookup
E. Annotation View
F. Username Lookup
Correct Answer: ABD
Reference: https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SS42VS_7.2.6/com.ibm.qradar.doc/c_qradar_ug_asset_rightclick.html


Which three pages can be accessed from the Navigation Menu on the Offenses tab? (Choose three.)
A. Rules
B. By Category
C. My Offenses
D. By Event Name
E. Create Offense
F. Closed Offenses
Correct Answer: ABC


What is the default view when a user first logs in to QRadar?
A. Report Tab
B. Offense Tab
C. Dashboard tab D. Messages menu
Correct Answer: C
Reference: http://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSKMKU/com.ibm.qradar.doc/c_qradar_dash_tab.html


Which filter in the Log and Network Activity tabs is supported by both flows and events?
A. Source Payload Contains is [Pattern]
B. Application [Indexed] matches [Application]
C. Source ID [Indexed] equals any of [IP Address]
D. Username [Indexed] equals any of [Username]
Correct Answer: B


Which QRadar component provides Layer 7 visibility within a physical network infrastructure?
A. QRadar Data Node
B. QRadar Flow Analyzer
C. QRadar Flow Collector
D. QRadar VFlow Collector
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://www.robertrojek.pl/2017/11/09/qradar-appliances-types/


What is the primary benefit of building blocks?
A. They can notify users of strange behavior.
B. They allow the execution of its test within all rules.
C. They generate new events into the pipeline before rules fire.
D. They allow for report results to be used in custom rules tests.
Correct Answer: C


Which device uses signatures for traffic analysis when deployed in a network environment to detect, allow, block, or
simulated-block traffic?
A. Proxy
B. QRadar
C. Switch
Correct Answer: D

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